How much safe is Witei?

The security measuers that we implement in Witei we do it in the real estate software as well as the webs of our clients

Those are some of the most important things that we do:

SSL cipher

All the conections to are encryped with HTTPS.

Protected servers

Our servers are protected through VPN from external access.

Quality infrastructure

We use a safe infraestructure. We did not invent that, it is verified by Amazon AWS.

Replicated infraestructure

Our infraestructure is replicated. We did not say that, it is verified by Digital Ocean.

More security

Some parts of our infraestructure are in a DMZ in order to increase security.

Protection against DoS

The endpoints that receive internet requests are protected through Cloudfare to avoid DoS attacks.

Multiregional database

We use multizone and multiregion systems for our database servers.

Always available

We have a 99.98% SLA verified by Pingdom. Our machines are never at rest.

Infrastructure's replication

In Witei we have a infraestructure replication policy of our databases and backups.


The backups are available for the user trough the tool.