What is a role?

Not everybody at the office does the same tasks. That is why not all Witei users must have the same permissions. In order to make the management easier, we have create four main roles.

A manager has access to all the available data and functions. Furthermore, she can can access to the office internal configuration.


A commercial is multifunctional, managing more than one business case. That's why she has access to all the properties and contacts.


The sellers are focused in the properties renting and selling, so they have access to all the properties, but they cannot modify properties' data.


The recruiter is specialized in adquiring properties, working his own portfolio. This role also manages his own contact portfolio.


The hole office will profit from having a coordinator. The coordinator is the one who distribute the workload between the other team members. This role is complatible with other, but this is unique in the office for the proper task distribution.


In addition to the roles, as manaer you can enable some functionallity to other users. In this way you are the one who choose who can manage:


Publish and unpublish properties in the portals that you have activate previously.

Full schedule

Give access to the other users task calendar, as well as allow her to assign tasks.


Create videos for the properties using the mounting tool.

Improve photos

Automatic improve your photos, as well as the adding the configured watermark.

Web configuration

Change the web configuration, his design, sections, blog entries, etc.

Drop campaigns

Create and manage drop campaigns based on a contacts's segment