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Websites adapted to your business

Witei offers you a new way of understanding your website. It transmits trust, security, professionalism and transparency to all customers. Your real estate website should be a reflection of what your real estate is like. Therefore, in addition to publishing all your properties, you can transmit your values and your mission by customizing it to your liking.

We have different designs so you can choose which one suits you best. Choose the one you like best and make it yours.

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  • Austin
  • Marbella
  • San Francisco
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid

You can customize it by modifying several visual elements: images, texts, sections, highlights, blog, chat and much more. Make all the changes you need and whenever you want.

Also, whenever you want you can change the design again.


60% of searches performed online are done from mobile.

Your website will adapt to any device like mobile, tablet or computer, so that users can easily navigate and see in a comfortable way everything you can offer.

mobile real estate website

The web application is independent of the rest of the applications. It does not require you to have the Witei CRM installed.

You can enjoy for only € 25 / month a personalized website for your real estate. On the other hand, if you already have the Witei CRM, your website will be 100% synchronized with the CRM.

For example, contacts that are created from the web are automatically registered in the CRM. You can also try the free web service for 30 days.

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Your website will have the latest technologies to capture more customers: integrated chat, automatic description of the area of the property.

A powerful search engine that will always have a property to show your client so that he stays longer looking at your page and suggestions in real time.


You will have a 24h web available. In addition we are constantly updating it so you can enjoy the best tools and focus only on transmitting the best image and the best ads.

Having a secure website today is essential to have more visibility on the Internet. Therefore, the Witei websites are completely secure thanks to the SSL certificate.


Put a blog on your page so that other people can find you when they search on Google.

Fill your content page to become a benchmark in the sector and transmit knowledge and professionalism to your customers. With a blog you will get more visits and visibility.


If you do not have a domain we help you register one. We also provide you with up to 10 8GB email accounts. If you already have a domain we help you move it to Witei.

Having your website is very easy:

  • 1. Create your free account
  • 2. Install the web page application
  • 3. Enjoy 30 free days... Ready!
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Reduce your response time

Give the best customer service with your website chat

Do you not have a chat on your website to talk to your customers? A chat is the fastest, easiest and most direct way to talk to your website visitors. Thanks to it you will be able to attract more customers since you will provide a faster and more personalized service to each of them. Chat in real time from your website and close more deals.

Acquire more clients

Virtual Visit

Use the latest technology to reach your clients
Virtual visit living room
Expand your services

The latest technology in virtual real estate tours directly in your webpage. We work hand in hand with the main companies in the sector so your web can offer this last gen service to your clients.

Men doing business
Remote visit

Thanks to this service, everyone will feel as if they were visiting the property while comfortably sitting on their sofa at home, or in your offices.

Living room with stairs
Rule the market

With the latest technology in virtual tours, the use of glasses is optional. Of course, if they are used the feeling of inmersion is absolute and you will be in everyone's lips for using cutting edge methods in your real estate agency.

Do you want to have the best website for your real estate?

Thanks to Witei, your website will never be left behind. Our design and technology team is committed to you and your business.