A espectacular design

Fast, multilanguage, and responsive webs

Witei brings you a new way of understanding your webpage. A real estate web should not be just a window display, it has to transmit information, experience, security, trust, transparency... It should generally be a reflection of your business' strong points. That is why, with Witei, you have a web that is not only to publish your properties, but also a content management tool. You can create sections, and articles for your own blog, providing value to your visitors and increasing your SEO.

Choose the template that better suits you, the one that tickles your fancy. You can customize it as much as you want, such as its images, texts, sections, highlights, and much more.


Your web must be optimized for any device. Its design, speed, and user experience must convert mobile traffic into visits to properties!


The latests technologies to acquire more clients: integrated chat, automatic description of the property's zone, a powerful search, and real time suggestions.

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Reduce your response time

Chat with your website visitors

Do you still not chat with your clients? It has been many years since chat became the fastest and most eficient tool to communicate with anyone. Witei allows you to use this tool in your own web. Thanks to this, you will be able to acquire more clients, given you will be hable to talk with your visitors in real time, without the need of installing anything.

Virtual Visit

Use the latest technology to reach your clients
Virtual visit living room
Expand your services

The latest technology in virtual real estate tours directly in your webpage. We work hand in hand with the main companies in the sector so your web can offer this last gen service to your clients.

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Remote visit

Thanks to this service, everyone will feel as if they were visiting the property while comfortably sitting on their sofa at home, or in your offices.

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Rule the market

With the latest technology in virtual tours, the use of glasses is optional. Of course, if they are used the feeling of inmersion is absolute and you will be in everyone's lips for using cutting edge methods in your real estate agency.

Do you want to have the best website for your real estate?

Thanks to Witei, your website will never be left behind. Our design and technology team is committed to you and your business.