Make your data work for you

A real estate software is a set of tools that allow you work optimally with the product you manage in your office.

Your data. Your greatest asset.

Real estate agencies manage a large amount of information about the assets they have in their portfolio: photographs, characteristics, descriptions, documents, simple notes, deeds, etc.

All this information requires a precise tool designed expressly for the real estate sector.

Grow your sales

You don't need a data base. You need a platform where you can get the best with a minimal investment in time and money. With Witei, you'll automatize, centralize and secure all your information. You'll be able to create impressive marketing campaigns, answer emails automatically, calculate your growth, compare your expenses in listing sites...

Applied technology

Of course, your software can not be just a large database. It is necessary to include the necessary tools to take advantage of these data: analysis, publication gateways in real estate portals, generation of escaparete signage, creation of alert campaigns for new properties or price decreases and a long etcetera.


Thanks to the tools of Witei - Real Estate Software, you can perfectly coordinate all your team around your product, clearly defining the responsibilities on it: recruiters, salespeople, coordinator, manager... Only when your processes are correctly defined, can you get the most out of your people.

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