Our pricing is simple

No registry fee. No minimum stay. No sanctions.

Witei - CRM

Includes all Real Estate Software tools and CRM, registry and data import, support, and conitnued training.

Monthly price

Tax excluded

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Want to widen your tools?

We have aditional services so you continue improving
Real Estate Web
  • Several templates
  • Blog
  • Chat
  • Virtual tour support
Photo improvement
  • Improve photo quality
  • Add effects
  • Embedd your watermark
  • Gain more visibility

Frequently asked questions

Some questions you may have
How do I pay?

Every 30 days from the day you subscribe to our service, we will charge the fee to the bank account or credit card you have specified in your billing area in Witei.

Why are there extra services?

Witei is a large platform, and we want you to adapt it to your needs. For that, you are not required to "pay for what you do not use".

What happens if I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any moment, with no sanction fees. The only bad part is we will miss you :(

Is there a registration fee?

No. We take on all costs in order for you to save as much as possible.

Would you like to start using Witei for free?

You can try it for 7 days with no costs
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