The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer - Peter Drucker

You don't need a thousand of advisers
to manage a thousand of clients

Thanks to a good CRM like the one that Witei gives to you, you can manage all the important information that helps you to optimize your relationship with your clients. Not only where they want to live, but information about what they want, important dates or their needs.
Build long-term relationships with your clients

From first contact until last referal. Your relationship with your clients must extends over time. It is not only selling your flat with a nice price for you or finding you dream villa, it is doing the way the client will not forget the fabulous received service and he would like to recommend you to all they family and friends.

Your CRM must work for you

From the moment that you create your first contact until when you manage a portfolio with thousand of clients, your CRM must allow you to maximize the business oportunities that you have with them. From the demand matching until the drop campaigns in order to get referals when a client has been able to sign a contract with you.

Do you want to taste the experience of the best real state CRM?

If your want to compete agains the biggest, you need the appropiate tools. Witei will do it.

What do you really need?

Let us know. We listen and give you the answers you search for. We don't want to sell a software, or a web, or a mobile app, that you won't use. We want to give you solutions.
Our compromise is your enterprise. We work very hard on all aspects that can help your business and make your success a reality.