The real estate CRM that takes care of your clients

Thanks to a good CRM like the one that Witei gives to you, you can manage all the important information that helps you to optimize your relationship with your clients. Not only where they want to live, but information about what they want, important dates or their needs.

Manage all information without limits

Manage all your information with the Witei CRM. Crossing demands, customers, visits, documents, emails, email campaigns, metrics, operation closures and much more in an easy way. Forget about having a lot of open tabs on your computer or your mobile. With Witei you can quickly know what is happening with any aspect of real estate. You will not find limits to manage the information. Take control of the real estate and do not miss a single client.

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Your office will always be with you

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We know that you spend more time in the street making visits, meetings, recruitments than in the office itself. With Witei you can take your office anywhere. You will have a web app with which you can manage any aspect of the real estate as if you were on the computer. Forget the phone book, paper or knowing your memory by phone, references, visits ... From anywhere you will have all the information you need at hand. Organize all the information and control everything that is happening at all times to increase productivity.

With just one click you can see all the information you need. It offers a more professional and transparent treatment.

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Do not miss a single document

You can also manage all contract templates, return of keys, visit parts, custom notes you need so you do not have to do them from scratch. As well as design all the message templates you need so you don't have to be writing the same email over and over again. When the time comes you will have all the documents ready.

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Design the best email marketing campaigns

Manage and carry out email campaigns. Using email is one of the most effective marketing strategies that currently exist. With Witei you can send as many campaigns as you want, in addition, you can see the results of the campaigns to know who has opened the mail, who has clicked on the link you have placed or who has deleted the mail. This way you can know if the email campaign has been effective or not. If you want to go one step further and venture into marketing campaigns, on Witei, you have drip campaigns. With this type of campaign you will leave the marketing of your real estate on autopilot. Let your clients send a series of emails to get more referrals and to sell more.

Strengthen your personal real estate brand and attract more customers by designing the best marketing campaigns.

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Invest in what generates benefits

With Witei you can see through which source you get more potential customers: portals, posters, on the web, by referrals ... You will know at all times in which media to invest more and in which not. Invest in what you benefit from.

Yes, I want to measure everything!

Increase your team's retention

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All real estate agents in the office can have their Witei account. Each one will be able to work according to the permission they have within the CRM. They can manage their client portfolio, have their agenda, their objectives, their sales funnel so that the whole team is aligned. You will increase the retention of your equipment. Real estate consultants working with Witei increase their satisfaction by 90%.

The agenda that will do work for you

With Witei you will have an agenda with which to organize your day to day. You can also see the agenda of your teammates and thus know, for example, when to set up a team meeting. The agenda will also do things for you. For example, when you mark a visit, Witei automatically sends a customer satisfaction questionnaire to assess both the property and the commercial advisor. Assessment that you can see later in the CRM.

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Attract customers with Witei Agents


With the valuations that your clients leave you, you will appear in the highest ranking of real estate agents: Witei Agents. 80% of people before buying a product look at opinions, Thanks to the ranking of Witei Agents and the good ratings left by customers, you will get more.

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Smart Demand Crossing

When you save an automatic home you will see that potential clients may be interested in that property. In a moment you can contact all interested parties and start making visits. The same happens in contacts. The moment you register a customer you can automatically see all the properties that might interest you.

smart online demand

Digitally sign the documents

digital signature documents

The papers are lost, overlapped, broken ... With the CRM you can sign directly from the screen of your mobile, tablet or computer. Then you can send it by mail, print them or leave them stored inside the CRM.

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Don't lose a single customer with the sales funnel

Every commercial process and every sale goes through different stages until the operation is closed. The stages are organized in:

  • Contact
  • Leaflet
  • Visiting
  • Negotiating

With the Witei CRM it will be very easy to know at what stage of the sale you find a home or a potential client. Knowing which stage you are in, you can make more personalized campaigns, and you will also know which stage works best for you and which one does not. With the sales funnel, you will not forget what is happening and you will know at all times what is your next step to get to close the operation.

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Go much further with the CRM

witei applications

If you want to go one step further, you can complement your CRM with other applications to have the best work tools and increase your productivity.

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Private area for the owner

Complements the CRM with the free private area application for the owner. Share with the owner your personal space so you can see in real time the steps that are carried out on your property. You will transmit to the owner more professionalism and transparency.

private area owners

Save more than an hour a day

Witei has more than 32 gateways to real estate portals. With just one click you can publish all your ads. You will save more than 8 hours a month by publishing real estate on real estate portals and in the management of demands. You will have a virtual coordinator who will leave the demands ready for you to call them and start making visits. Witei will also notify you, through desktop notifications, how your potential customers are interacting. For example, when they visit you on the web, when they arrive from a portal when you have an upcoming task scheduled with them ... In this way communicate with them at the most appropriate times. Get ahead of your competition and reduce your response time to customers. Answer in a matter of seconds.

Publish on real estate portals with one click

Communicate with your team

team chat

With the free team chat application you can have your own chat to communicate with all your colleagues from any device. Keep a fluid conversation and share with your team communications, news, the closing of a sale and any real estate issue.

I want a team chat at the real estate

How to install the CRM application?

In a few simple steps you can enjoy the CRM:

  • Create your free account
  • Validate your account
  • Activate the CRM application and enjoy 30 free days at no cost

And ready!

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With Witei you have no limits

We want to help you grow for it, you will not have a limit when it comes to managing all the information you need. You will also have no limit in adding all the users you need. Innova, increase productivity and achieve success with Witei.

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