You just need a quick look

In the buyer contact list or claimants you will find all you need. Not only will information such as the phone number or email be shown, you will also be able to see the contact's demand, what kind of property is wanted, and at what price range.

From this list you will be able to send a message via the messaging tool, or open the phone number and directly make a call.

Claimant list
Claimant list filters

Find what you're looking for

Our claimant list is accompanied by powerful filters to its left. With these you can search by name, email, or event city, source or internal notes.

Filter according to a price range or the kind of property that is demanded.

Order your results by name, creation date, etc.

Take a closer look

In a contact's tracking view, apart from the data displayed in the list, you will find the rest of the data you need. What is the demand, which properties have been liked, which has Witei automatically recommended, which properties have been discarded, etc.

Add notes that only you can see, track offers received, attach documents, and see every step made with the activity register.

claimant tracking view