What are collaboration circles?

Witei has always backed collaboration among real estate agencies. We know certain assets may be hard to sell in your area, assets which another agency might be willing to sell for you, for a rate. This is where collaboration circles come in, for you to share these data in a way that is simple, easy, and best for all.
Collaborate with other agencies

Collaborate, participate, and move to become an agency of reference.

The sooner, the better

By sharing your properties you will be able to sell or rent much faster. What are you waiting for?

Everyone wins

The collaborative economy serves as a method to reactivate the market.

The numbers are easy

10 sales at a 5 thousand euro comission each is a lot better than just one sale with a 30 thousand euro commission.

How does it actually work?

Witei has developed a tool that allows you to create on demand groups of real estate agencies that want to share some information about their managed properties. When you create a new circle, you become its manager. You can set certain rules that apply to the collaboration among the agencies which conform it.

Circles can be public (any agency using witei can request to join it) or private (only invited agencies can request to join it). After you create a public circle, it becomes listed on our public circle list.

After publishing your circle, you'll start receiving requests to join it. You can contact the realtors before giving them access to your circle in order to know them better and explain the rules of collaboration.

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