Your tasks in one quick look

With Witei's calendar you will have all your tasks under control. Register when you have to make a call or write an email, when you have scheduled a visit, or when you're due to close a sale, among others.

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All possibilities

You can choose to see your calendar in a task list format. Witei registers when you receive new contact for you to get in contact right away. Generate visit reports directly from the calendar.

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And much more...

Google Calendar

You can syncronize your Witei's calendar with your Google account for viewing and editing your tasks from Google Calendar

Alerts for your visits

We send an automatic message to your contacts two hours before the visit in order to avoid being stuck.


We will give you a nice timeline with all the tasks that your did for a contact or a house.

Create tasks

Before creating a new task, you will be able to see in real time your workmates schedule to avoid tasks overlaping.

Daily planning

Administrators will be able to see all the office's tasks in a simple view, making coordination easier.

Annotate everything

Never more miss a call or a visit! We will help you to anotate everything to have the control of your agency.

Get everything in order

Your actions must be coordinated. You have to do visits, signings, prospecting, acquisitions, marketing... Everything at once? Yes. But you will need organization to do so.