Did you think Witei was not enough?

In Witei we push for growth in your business, which is why we ease the management and collaboration between different offices, whether the are franchisees, part of a group, an association, etc. All you have to do is create an account for each office for them to have access to all the tools Witei offers.

Share lisitngs

Share selected listings between offcies, always abidding sensible information (private notes, owner details, even the address).

Properties list

Receive alerts

If an office's client is interested in another offices' property, the second gets a notification letting know of the situation.

Demand matching

Share web

Hire as many webs as you wish. You can have a web for an office, another for the association, another for franchisees in a same province...

Explore webs

Get your information from within

With the special "Super administrator" permission you will be able to manage multiple offices from the same user account.
Change office from your control panel

Inmediate access

That simple. All you have to do is choose what office you wish to view from the list, select it, and you're there!

Success case

RE/MAX goes for Witei

The world's leading international network of real estate franchises in terms of sales trusts Witei and uses it day to day to close more operations.
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Do you want to optimize the relationship between your offices?

If you want to get the most out of your growth you must use all resources your offices offer you. Witei makes it easy.